Electric Vehicle Chargers

Illuminart Group Electric Vehicle Chargers


At Illuminart Group, we are experts in handling all the aspects of setting our customers up with Electric Vehicle Chargers- from initial consultation, to getting city permits, filing paperwork, performing installation, and processing rebates and incentives when applicable, Illuminart Group will give you top quality service.


EVs represent a whole new approach to fueling; rather than going to a gas station to fill up an empty tank, EV drivers can top up around town. Every time an EV driver parks becomes an opportunity to charge. And because most cars spend more than 90 percent of the time parked, that’s a lot of opportunities to charge.


Electric vehicles (EVs) are on the roads in all 50 states, and consumers are buying them in record numbers. Meanwhile, the EV charging infrastructure is expanding to serve the growing population of EV drivers. Nationwide, overall charging capacity increased by 25% in 2016 alone.


We offer 3 different types of EV Chargers:

Level 1: is just plugging into a typical 110-volt household outlet and can take 16 hours to charge an EV with 100 miles of range.

Level 2: requires a 240-volt outlet and special chargin station, but can charge about 6X faster than Level 1, filling up a battery with 100 mile range in about 4 hours.

DC: converts AC power to DC power to get EV batteries charged to 80% in between 20-30 minutes.


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