Our high-tech small-unmanned aerial systems (sUAS) are custom designed to fulfill our client’s goals and objectives. We provide both OEM and turn-key solutions, allowing our clients to save money while increasing productivity, and letting our team of experts handle each unique situation.


What are your goals and requirements?

Our multi-purpose enterprise platforms can be deployed with interchangeable payloads, flexible hardware solutions, and are compatible with third-party software.

By making our specialized drones custom, we are able to load multiple sensors, such as thermal imagers, HD recording cameras, and multispectral remote sensing.


Unlimited Possibilities including, but not limited to: Inspections & Surveying, Public Safety, Precision Agriculture, Entertainment, and Recreational.

Inspections & Surveying: Technicians and Inspectors are being injured on the job on a daily basis, even risking their lives. By utilizing our drones, the inspectors can survey and inspect risky locations in real time. Some of the sectors that can benefit include, but are not limited to, power electric, wind farm and dam inspections, bridge maintenance and repair, construction developers, rooftop and solar panel inspectors, as well as natural disaster damage surveillance.

Public Safety: Law enforcement agencies, as well as fire departments and search and rescue teams around the world have been increasingly minimizing risks to human lives by utilizing drone technology as an innovative alternative that instantly provides close range live video feed.

Precision Agriculture: Cameras can be customized with filter lenses (NDVI) to assess infrared bands, field irrigation, drainage, soil densities, and overall crop health, allowing farmers to save time and energy in order to produce higher crop yields.

Entertainment and Recreational: Photographers and producers are increasingly adding aerial imagery to their productions, allowing an unlimited scope of filming in the entertainment sectors. Not only that, but hobbyists and travelers worldwide have increasingly been capturing their activities from an aerial perspective.